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University of Oregon

Argentine Photographer, Loruhama Teruya Rossi Photo Exhibit

The Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences will be displaying an exhibit by Argentine photographer Loruhama Teruya Rossi March 25-30, 2015. Easels with the photos will be placed along the ICDS entrance hallway on the fourth floor (L410).  Please feel free to stop by and admire her work at any time during this time.

These photos are part of a larger project called LUJANSYLVANIA.  Lujan is a place in Argentina well known for its Basilica, pilgrimages of the faithful, and tourism. In this provocative exhibit, the photographer – with an aesthetic reference to Bram Stoker’s Transylvania – combines everyday scenes of the city of Lujan with an atmosphere of medieval mystery, inviting a reflection on stereotypes broken, and revealing parallel realities that are there to be deciphered.

If you are curious, below is a link to some of the images (we don’t know which ones she is going to bring).